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The Walk


Before the Sacred Anishinabe Circle came to life, our members had been working with different groups for several decades.

The expertise and experience of the steps involved have been proven for a long time. What can we say apart .... "It's working!" Even though these programs are designed for First Nations people, it is open to all nations, no matter what your beliefs are, these programs can help.


1. The general context


Ideally, the activities take place in the forest, but before going there we facilitate several circles that take place inside, either in the premises designated by the organization or by an independent group wishing to live an apprenticeship while having beautiful experiences.


Healing circles are also available. Meetings can be one to four days with or without camping.  For many reasons, it is not always possible to go to the forest; in this case, we come to you to lead workshops with your group or you can always come to us.


2. Four steps:


We consider it important to situate our work with participants in a four-step  process: before, during,  after activities and follow-up.


Before receiving groups in the forest, we conduct meetings in their environment (schools, businesses, community organizations, shelters, addiction rehabilitation centres etc..) to establish the first contacts we start by building a bond of trust and involve them in the process.


Work is already starting at this stage. Then, we welcome them in the field, accompanied, if necessary, by their worker, psycho-educators etc., for the proposed activities.

After the activities, we always end with a sharing circle and then return to meet the group to do a follow-up session, which can take the form of regular group or one on one meetings.  Depending on needs and interests, some groups may return to the forest up to four times in the same year.


​​3. Alternating between individual and group activities


During their stay in the forest, each participant is assigned an individual site.  This site serves as a landmark where he or she can experience certain moments of solitude and where they can return after the group activities they participated in during the year.  Indeed, individually or with others, participants are called to take part in activities (manual work, artistic design, gathering, forest exploration, etc.) allowing them to surpass themselves and live new experiences.


4. The accompaniment


This supervised structure combines the strengths of the participant and the group, combines action and reflection and encourages engagement in an introspective process to enable them to position themselves in front of their values and priorities and thus question the direction they have given to their lives.  This positioning is the result of time spent alone in the forest and/or in group sharing circles.



Our programs are based on the individual needs of each group. We have prepared specific packages for 14 to 20 years old,

women, men and seniors. Please note that all of our programs are based on Anishinabe culture and are spiritual and non-religious in nature.

Here's a look at the programs, of course, they can be tailored to your needs.  

If you are interested in receiving the full package, contact us to set up a meeting

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