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Welcome, Pijashig

The Anishinabe Sacred Circle is a charitable organization and was initially created to raise awareness about water threats and the Water Walk in 2019, but during the process, it became very clear that much more was needed.

Knowing who we are is essential to understanding how to manage conflict in a healthy way; identity is fundamental for First Nations, for those who suffered and are still suffering from the legacy of residential schools, for those who are just discovering their roots, and for all those who are still in their quest for identity.

The primary mission of the organization will always be to defend water rights and when we are not walking or organizing a water walk, we offer healing circles, teaching circles and talking circles.  We also offer multiple programs open to all people.

The organization's goal is to empower First Nations, Métis, Inuit, status, non-status and/or self-identified youth, women, men, elders and others interested in this process; we do this by facilitating discussion circles and offering healing programs by the means of traditional teachings and ceremonies.

You can make the difference. Your donations can help achieve this goal and our mission. Your contributions can change the lives of many.  We invite you to read about the programs offered by the Anishinabe Sacred Circle; you can offer one of our programs to your employees to create a healthy working environment.



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