Mother Earth Water Walk 2021

The water walks are possible thanks to your donations, we walk for several weeks, we often have to take a motel, gas is very expensive especially in some cities (it is a relay walk, so our car comes with us), plus it is necessary to eat and we need medicines for smudging and tobacco for offerings. 

This website also costs money, the information leaflets, signs, safety vests, foot creams and bandages, fruits and hot beverages

we buy along the way for the walkers and several other expenses.

 we thank you for your support during the 2019 Walk, we are now planning our next walk from Mattawa Ontarion to Matane Quebec in August 2021,

you can donate throughout the year to support our next walk in 2021





You will find all the information & protocols for the 2019 Water Walk here, protocols for 2021 will be added soon

Honoring our elder,

Grandmother Josephine Mandamin she left this Earth walk on

February 22nd, 2019, at the age of 77.

Her words will be in our hearts forever and her wisdom will survive through the grandmothers that will pick up the Water Bundle and continue her quest for the Water.


"Water is alive. It needs to be respected. We must recognize her as a living entity"

Grandmother Josephine Mandamin