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 Water Walk 2023 for the next generations


here is a short film from our 2019 walk


The Water walks are possible thanks to your donations, we walk for several weeks, we often have to take a motel, gas is very expensive especially in some cities (it is a relay walk, so our car comes with us), plus it is necessary to eat and we need medicines for smudging and tobacco for offerings. 

This website also costs money, the information leaflets, signs, safety vests, foot creams and bandages, fruits and hot beverages

we buy along the way for the walkers and several other expenses.

 We thank you for your support during the 2022 Walk, we are now planning our next walk.  The exact location for our starting point is not yet determined, but we will be walking to Matane Quebec, approx. 1000 km. 

This will be approximately a 4 to 5 weeks walk, dates will be announced soon.

you can donate throughout the year to support our walks

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We are like the Water & we go with the flow.


2023:  ceremony begins at 8h AM at the starting point which will be determined at a later date



2023: arrival at Matane, Qc


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  • Nibi: Water

  • Aki Ikwe: Mother Earth

  • Turtle Island:  North America     

  • Anishinabe:    Original People of Turtle Island,

                                First Nation of Canada

                                Human being of Turtle Island

  • migwetch: thank you

  • asema: tobacco, sacred medicine for communication with Creation and the Spirit world

  • Moontime:  Women's mensing cycle

  • Ceremony: Sacred rites of prayers, intentions & gratitude

  • Walking Staff:  The walking staff spiritually guides & protects the Water Walkers

  • Copper vessel:  carries the Water

  • Touch down: when we retire the Water for the night or before a ceremony or special meal, tobacco is offered and the vessel is connecting with the Grandmother (special rock)

  • Nin tòdam Nibi Ondji: I do it for the Water:  words that we say when the Water is passed


​Nibi Wabo: Water song to convey love to the Water:

Nibi Wabo Endayan, Aki miskwi Nibi wabo

The Water that I carry is the blood of Mother Earth


Water walks are based on anishinabe ceremonial Water teachings.  We walk to honor all Nibi (Water) and to speak to the Water Spirits so that there will be healthy oceans, rivers and lakes for our ancestors and the generations to come

Migwetch for joining us to honor Nibi and all of Life. We are walking the Sibi Kitchissipi (the Ottawa River or the Great River) and the St-Lawrence river during our long walks.


The Great Lakes and the St-Lawrence River, together, are considered the world’s largest freshwater lake system & hold around 21% of the world’s supply of surface fresh Water; 84% of North America’s surface fresh Water. It provides Water to more than 30 million people in Quebec, Ontario & 8 states. The Ottawa river meets the St-Lawrence River, we are all connected!





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